On 15th May, 2011, ALC started its operation to support special needs children (SEN) in an inclusive learning environment. ALC was initiated by parents of a beautiful child named Sariyya who was diagnosed as a victim of “Mitochondrial Disorder” and thus fell in special need children group. A small room was designed to stimulate pre-school children in an inclusive environment as window of opportunity is widely open in this stage of life. Only some underprivileged children respond the inclusive preschool program and instantly we started to support all these children.


(Precious little angel ‘Sariyya’)

We established a Preschool for these special needs children and underprivileged children to support and care for them. It was named ALC (Alternative Learning Center) and was only a preschool till 2013. Later on, to fulfill our dreams to give a proper education system not only the SEN and underprivileged children, but also children who are not suffering of these physical and social barriers. We wanted to include all the children in an inclusive environment. When we saw that children of ALC preschool started to join other renowned schools and coping up with this formal society very well, we went ahead a step forward and gave our initiative a total boost. After seeing these convincing successes, we wanted to work for all the children, which we thought is very important to mix all these children together to clear the negative mindset and superstitions about the SEN and underprivileged children. We wanted to give it an organizational shape. So, in the mid year of 2014, ALC went through a massive change and in its planning. In the year 2014, ALC turned itself into a social organization, named as ALC Foundation.


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