“ALC FOUNDATION” - beginning of a new chapter


After hiring some young talented personals from different sectors, ALC started its journey as ‘ALC Foundation’ in the middle of the year 2014. Because of further extensive initiatives of ALC and the growing demand of Inclusive Education and to fulfill the needs of education for special education children and underprivileged children, the entire structure of ALC had to be changed and to give it a professional shape as a social organization.

On its 3rd Anniversary, ALC finally declared its name as ‘ALC Foundation’, its goals and further planning to make it a well shaped, organized, active organization which will work for the betterment of all children. The foundation started its activities in a large scale to provide more support for these children.

Presently, ALC Foundation has two departments – Education & Publication. 


ALC started its activities by establishing a preschool for special needs and underprivileged children within an inclusive environment. As the activities grew and dreams started to come true along with success, it became important make a separate department to organize all the academic works. For this, the preschool is now falls under the Education Program. This preschool is now a side project along with other new additions like research, special education monitoring etc. All the teachers, whether full-time or part-time, all will be categorically come under the Education Department. 


(Students of ALC preschool in the middle of school time)

Under strict monitoring on the teachers and the development of the students by qualified inclusive education monitors, we assure quality. We give much importance on quality education and environment rather than quantity. We also conduct courses for the teachers by our monitors to help them gather more knowledge and ideas about inclusive education. Then the monitors keenly monitor how the teachers are implementing it. 


 (Special Education Monitor giving lecture to the teachers about Special Education during teachers course)


A new, fresh, energetic, enthusiastic department was established in the mid-year of 2014. This is a highly professional department which is publishing various creative, artistic, thoughtful works of children. Within only three months of its starting, this department successfully published ALC Foundation’s first ever periodical children, teenager, young-adults based magazine “NOONTIDE". The first issue was published in July 2014. The magazine is in both English and Bangla language. 


(Cover Page of the First Issue of ALC Foundation’s Periodical Children magazine published in July 2014)

We were amazed to see the positive responses from our readers, children, and their parents. After a long time, this is the only magazine in Bangladesh which has been published based on the writings of only children, teen-agers and  students from different schools and colleges, and the creative works of oversees students from different countries. It’s a big achievement for ALC Foundation and its Publication department.

This department has future planning to publish academic, research based papers, thesis, articles on children and education. These will be published both online and as printed books. We have high ambitions about our publications. The reason behind to make a publication department is to provide the children with healthy and clean artistic, creative, thoughtful elements which will help them to enrich their knowledge, boost up their moral and make them think about their surroundings which will provoke them to express their views through their creativity which will be portrayed as a social activity for the truth and the deprived.

Children from any schools/colleges, of any age can submit their creative works like writing, painting, photography etc. in our magazine. This is also an initiative to involve children of different ages and from different backgrounds to do something from their part through their creativity and support the children who are in desperate need of help, caring and support.


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