Under the supervision of the Education program of ALC Foundation, we are running an inclusive pre-school. It is dedicated to provide education to ‘SPECIAL EDUCATION NEEDS CHILDREN & UNDERPRIVILIGED CHILDREN’ within an inclusive environment. At the beginning, ALC started its journey by establishing this pre-school in the year 2011. As our activities grew surrounding this pre-school, it started to gain the credibility among the parents of ‘Special Needs Children’ & ‘Underprivileged Children’. The number of students grew within few years of its establishment. Not only it has established the trust of the parents of these children, but it has also created awareness among them, and made them more confident about their children. They gradually started to overcome their fear and shame of the societal misconception about the ‘Special Needs Children’.  Education is our high priority. When it comes to ‘Special Education Needs Children’ and ‘Underprivileged Children’, we combine them in a same educational environment, where children cannot feel the physical, mental or social discriminations. Although, the teaching methods are different for Special Needs Children & Underprivileged Children, but teaching them under the same roof and combining them altogether while teaching them unites them as same. Children here get the education with no single scratch of difference or discrimination.   


(Underprivileged Children Education Class)

We encourage all children including some special needs children and financial support needs children. We have highly qualified teachers in Inclusive Education and also specialized teachers in special education particularly for the ‘special education needs children’. We are also conducting training sessions for our teachers on ‘Special Education’ by our experienced special education moderators.    


(Outdoor Playing Session)

‘Education for all children’ is our prime motto. We believe that every child has the right for education. This is why, for us, this ‘every’ word means all the children. Whether from any background or with disabilities, we include them all in a formal social education system through ‘Inclusive Education’. It is a different kind of education system where children with disabilities and from socially & economically disadvantaged background, and also, socially & economically privileged children jointly study without any hesitation of the thought of socio-economic & physical discriminations.   



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