Alternative Learning Centre or ALCis a nonprofitsocial initiative for all children in the field of education, always with a soft focus on `Special Education Needs (SEN) Children’. We contribute to inspire all children to love learning. Education is formal world and learning is an essential part of our everyday life. And in this journey, special education needs children are always our prime focus. We emphasize on `Inclusive Education’, and advocate to create an inclusive educational environment for special education needs children and also underprivileged children fromsocially and economically disadvantaged background. We dream to serve with standard learning support and facilities for all children by harvesting each positive force inside them that play vital roles in their development process. We believe “Learning is Power that empowers ability and let us start from the early learning”.

Presently, we run an inclusive preschool where we encourage all children including some special needs children and financial support needs children. We have highly qualified teachers in Inclusive Education and also specialized teachers in special education particularly for the ‘special education needs children’. We are also conducting training sessions for our teachers on ‘Special Education’ by our experienced special education moderators.    

‘Education for all children’ is our prime motto. We believe that every child has the right for education. This is why, for us, this ‘every’ word means all the children. Whether from any background or with disabilities, we include them all in a formal social education system through ‘Inclusive Education’. It is a different kind of education system where children with disabilities and from socially & economically disadvantaged background, and also, socially & economically privileged children jointly study without any hesitation of the thought of socio-economic & physical discriminations.   

ALC Foundation is a place for ‘Special Needs children (SNC)’ who are in need of ‘Special Education’. Also, we are giving pre-primary stage education to the underprivileged children who are left out of getting proper education. We are helping these kids to make their pre-primary educational stage strong and give it an early acceleration. It’ll not only boast up their self-confidence, but also it’ll give them the strength to cope up with the formal society more easily, without any hesitation. It’ll also going to make the normal children to think that either kids from socially & economically underprivileged background or kids with disabilities are not different from them. They are all same and equal.

We believe that every child is precious, whether they are born with physical or mental disabilities, or born in a socio-economic disadvantaged environment. It’s our duty and responsibility to guide them towards a better future, to create an Inclusive society.  


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