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Welcome to ALC (Alternative Learning Center) Foundation. It is a non-profit initiative for all children in the field of Education, always with a soft focus on special education needs children. This is a place where underprivileged children, as well as children with special needs (both physically and mentally challenged) have the scope of strengthening the basic framework of their lives and making themselves ready for further education in future.

Education is a formal world and learning is an essential part of our everyday life. And in this journey, special education needs children are always our prime focus. We dream to serve with standard learning support and facilities for all children by harvesting each positive force inside them that play vital roles in their development process. Our motto is “Learning is Power that empowers ability and let us start from the early learning”.

Our prime goal is to provide the SPECIAL NEEDS CHILDREN the education which they really need to adjust in this global formal society. We are creating awareness that these special education needs children are highly potential and can also provide for the society. They shouldn’t be left out in a corner of a house, or separate from formal schools and putting them in a special school where others will look at them differently and the parents of those special needs children will be ashamed because of their kid’s differences from others. WE DON’T WANT THAT TO BE HAPPENED.

Life in this world comes only once. And everyone has their equal share. Everyone deserves a better life and getting accepted by the society. Nobody wants to hear from others that they are different. All of us want to be same. It’s true that, no one is same, but binding the differences, we can make an INCLUSIVE environment for all, where nobody will be treated differently, but rather equally. That is why, we are trying to change the mindset of the people around us that everyone is equal and they are also part of us. And specially, we want to change the belief of the parents toward their special needs children, that don’t be ashamed by your child. They are part of you. Love them, care for them. They need you more than anything in else this world. It’s your duty to do something for your special child. And at the same time, for your support, we have opened our hands already to help you and your children before you’ve asked for it. But, it is important to know that, these special needs children and also the underprivileged children need a different educational environment. That is why we are providing INCLUSIVE

EDUCATION for them. We have researched that Inclusive Education is the best thing for both kids with disabilities and without disabilities. We combine them together so that every single of them, whether from any background, will be able to adjust with the special needs children and also the underprivileged at the very beginning of their life. It becomes much easier for both kinds of students to cope up with the real world. Nobody feels isolated. Every one of them feels Equal. Right now, we have two departments in ALC Foundation. One is EDUCATION DEPARTMENT, and two, is PUBLICATION DEPARTMENT. These two departments are working continuously to provide the special needs children as well as underprivileged children a better, healthy, homely, comfortable, creative inclusive environment, where they’ll get the opportunity to learn how to adjust in a formal society without any hesitation.


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