ALC (Alternative Learning Centre) Foundation has recently developed its own publication department. Its aim is to publish healthy materials for the children and for the people who are unaware of Special Education and Inclusive Education. Through this department our goal is to do the advocacy to promote ‘Inclusive Education’ and to make people understand that ‘Special needs Children’ really need help. They are also a part of this society. They shouldn’t be left out. Also to tell others that how much important inclusive education is for a better society.

We are publishing periodical ‘Children & juvenile magazine’, both in Bangla & English. We believe this would be an interactive platform for them. In this magazine, children from any school, from any background, around the globe, can participate in various creative works like, poems, drawings, stories, influencing biographies, jokes, riddles, cooking recipes and lot more. By publishing their creative works and inspiring the `Special Education Needs Children (SEN)’ with seeing their works with all children and will make them proud, and for `underprivileged children’, it will be a great learning exchange platform also. So we wish for appreciation from all for the continuity of this initiative.

We are also publishing Research & Thesis on various subjects, especially if it is on ‘Inclusive Education’, ‘Special Education’, ‘Special needs Children’, ‘Underprivileged Children’, ‘Education for children’ etc. We encourage the University teachers, students, Child specialists, Specialists in Special or Inclusive Education, college teachers, school teachers, journalists, freelance journalists, writers etc. to do their research, thesis, report, feature reports etc. on Child related issues. We are also publishing these reports online on our website by taking full permission from the authorized writers. We believe that these research books, whether published as hard-copy books or online, but it’ll help the readers and the knowledge seekers to know and will create awareness among them about these special education needs and underprivileged children. It’s a natural truth that how much the issue of special needs children has become vital for our society and families. In every five children there’s one special needs child in our country all ready. We need to find out why there’s an increase rate of disabled children, how to prevent it and how to treat with them. That’s why we are giving importance on research and thesis from various sources. Writers from any academic background, age can do this research from their point of view and level of experiences.

We are publishing Tabloids, Pamphlets depending on different important issues on children.

We are also providing ‘Early Education Materials’ and ‘Special Education Materials’. These materials are not only for the children of our foundation, but also for any children those who are not part of us but in real need of these materials.

We are trying to help all the children in every possible way. And our publication department is also a part of it. 


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